Company Profile

Company name
Nichiro Fur Co., Ltd.
May 26, 1959
191,250,000 JPY
Business contents
Production of Sheepskin & General Fur products (tanning, dyeing, sewing) and sales Cleaning of Sheepskin products
Main products
Sheepskin, Fur & Leather Garment (Mink, Lamb, Fox, Leather, etc.)
Sheepskin & General Fur various Goods (Slippers, Bags, Accessories, etc.)
Sheepskin Rugs (Designed Rug, Cushion, Underlay, Carpet etc.)
Main client
Asuwan Co., Ltd. Kawashima Textile Selkon Co., Ltd.  Dinos Co., Ltd.  Nishikawa Co., Ltd.  Francebed Co., Ltd.  Mitsui & Co., Ltd.  Mitsubishi Corporation Co., Ltd. World Other Co. (in alphabetical order)
Mizuho Bank
Tokyo Head Office
4th floor Hatchobori FRONT Build.
No.20-9 2- Chome, Hatchobori Chuo - ku Tokyo
104-0032 Japan
Google map
▼ Sheepskin Sales Dept. TEL: 03-3553-7431 (representative) / FAX: 03-3553-7437
▼ Fur and Garment Department TEL: 03-3553-0861 / FAX: 03-3553-7437
▼ Accounting Department General Affairs Dept. TEL: 03-3553-0821 / FAX: 03-5541-8386
▼ Division TEL: 03-3553-0863 / FAX: 03-5541-8386
Maruko factory & Middle Area Sales office
3248 Ikuta Ueda-City
Nagano-Pref. 386-0411 Japan
Google map
TEL: 0268-42-2825 / FAX: 0268-42-5377
Osaka Sales Office
6-1-30-101 Higashi-Mikuni Yodogawa-ku
Osaka-shi Osaka
532-0002 Japan
Google map
TEL: 06-6391-9878 / FAX: 06-6391-7550
Affiliated organization
The Japan Fur Association

Japan Eco Leather

▲Tokyo head office

▲Maruko factory

▲Osaka Sales Office


May. 1959
Shin Nihon Marine Animal Co., Ltd. established
September. 1962
Changed company name to Nichiro Fur Co., Ltd.
March. 1968
Acquired Maruko Leather Co., Ltd., changed to Maruko Fur Industrial Co., Ltd.
March. 1971
Maruko Fur Industry Co., Ltd. Absorption merger
April. 1973
Spinning off Fur Garmnt Sales. Rotiny Co., Ltd. established
Mar. 1976
Completion of New Maruko factory
March. 1981
changed the company name to Nichiro Fur Co., Ltd.
January. 1994
Succeeded to trade name of Rotiny Corporation
March. 2018
Head Office relocation
September. 2020
Shareholder change
Increased capital from 157.5 million yen to 191.25 million yen
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