At our company:We handle all the processing at our own factory.
The tanning technology that has been cultivated over the years and all staff have been expertly trained in our production process.
Our animal skins are specially hand selected to ensure the products longevity and quality of the leather. It is our mission to source only the best natural materials.

Import Raw Materials

Raw material is imported to the Maruko factory directly from our overseas suppliers. From lambskin to Fur skins, we import a wide variety of Fur materials.

Soaking & Tanning

The raw materials are soaked, washed, fleshed, pickled and tanned to a well-tanned crust skin.


The Tanned skin is then dried manually so that no damage occurs. Nichiro have the capacity to dry 1,000 skins at one time.

Dry cleaning

Dry Cleaning is done using a special machine to remove dirt, fat and grease from the leather & wool.


The wool fibers are dyed to a suitable and required colour using dye prepared in our factory laboratory.

(Ironing & shearing)

The wool fibers are then straightened using a heat iron specifically designed for sheepskins.
The wool is clipped down to ensure uniformity across the skin if a certain wool length is required.


The skins are cut down to size and stitched together using special sewing machines. Finish sizes vary according to orders.


All final products are manually checked carefully as well as the use of a metal detector to ensure no needles or comb wires are left.

The video of MARUKO Factory

"Mouton is a gift from nature"

From ancient times to now, humans have used animals and plants for food and clothing. This is a gift from nature and it is important to maintain our rich earth for future generations.

Environmental Protection

The Maruko factory is located in the Eastern part of Nagano Prefecture and is a place rich in nature.
This land flourished by Seri cultural industry for a long time, rich in rice, vegetables and fruit.
Local brand sake made from local grown rice brought up in cool mountain water is a specialty.
We believe that preservation and protection of our environment is an important role that our company plays in our local community.

Water Treatment Facility

Our company has a treatment facility based at Maruko Factory purifying all waste water used.


The waste water suspended solid by precipitation and remained dissolved organic treated using activated sludge method.


Water is transferred to a settling tank and the clean supernatant water settles within a disinfection layer. The water is then released when it is in a safe state to do so.

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