Sheepskin products

Sheepskin products are an excellent natural material for retaining warmth, hygroscopicity, releasing moisture and maintaining elasticity that enables a use for any occasion.
Nichiro fur has developed many products that enable us to live a comfortable life.


Sheepskin Carpet

Sheepskin carpets will impress, creating a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Sheepskins are a superior product and during the manufacturing process we keep our carpets in the finest condition making then suitable for both Western style or Japanese style rooms.

Sheepskin Underlay

Sheepskin wool is soft and tender to touch with the fibers holding an air layer to keep warmth in during winter. The elastic wool fibers create a cushion that distributes body weight and pressure over large areas. Each fiber acts as a “mini-spring” that conforms to the body, particularly at pressure points. Unlike other fibers, wool absorbs moisture without feeling wet. This natural fiber assists with sleep that in turn contributes to a healthier life.

Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin Rugs are an excellent natural material and have a soft durable pelt with fine texture wool. All skins are carefully selected and matched to give an exciting colour combination that are in line with modern or traditional decor



Nichiro fur has been a supplier of high quality sheepskin garments and fur products to Japanese and East Asian markets more than half century. The Japanese Market in particular, requires exclusive high quality garments which we have supplied for many years.

Original equipment manufacturer


Please contact us via email, phone, or the inquiry form.

of a meeting

Our staff will contact you to arrange a meeting where we will provide further information on our process etc.

Our sales staff will visit with our information after confirming the inquiry. Otherwise you may visit our workshop where we can present the product samples and materials, which we highly recommend, as you can actually see and feel all everything we have.

Sample making & Quality confirmations

With new colours or new types of finished products, we need to a trial samples to confirm the colour finish, stitching and cutting pattern with the customer. Once the customer is happy with the sample, an order is placed and our production line prepares materials and a production schedule to meet delivery requirements.


Production will proceed and scheduled accordingly.


When a product is finished, a quality inspection is done and a needle detector test is done. The product is stored in the warehouse until delivery has been made.

The completed product will be delivered to you after we have performed the finish-up work to satisfy your requirements.

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